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Welcome to Prince's Art space.  Prince is a self taught intuitive, multi diciplinary and prolific artist.  Art  in it's many forms has always been an integral part of  Prince's life.  A source of entertainment, fun, fulfilment and a place for healing.  Prince has always been creative since early childhood. The burning desire to become a full time artist remained throughout the years.

Between 2018-2019, Prince experienced three car accidents within the space of nine months. Resulting in multiple injuries to name a few memory loss, panic attacks, anxiety, soft tissue damage and muscle weakness... Unfit to work, no longer driving and more importantly four young children to look after.  Some would say that these series of events were most unfortante.  This wasn't the case here, instead, it was seen as an opportunity to go after dreams and finally listen to that inside voice and heart by finding the courage to paint.

The bonus?  Every time Prince paints snippets of memory returns, anxiety melts away and the world feels a little less scary knowing what makes you, YOU.

Since then Prince has continued to grow on social media, as well as the opportunity to talk about art on the radio station Hope.FM and the occasionally featured in the (The Arches Project)"Hidden Talents International Arts" magazine.  Magazines can be purchased via

Also Featured in a few didgital magazines with &

Also participated in two shared art exhibitions at The Acrches Project Birmingham.

What started as a self help theraputic hobby, used as a way of strengthening mobiliy and regain mental focus.  Quickly turned into a well loved passionate dream career.

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